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Update from Bishop Brennan

Dear Friends,

  The Lord is Risen – Happy Easter!

  The Ohio Bishops met yesterday.  After consultation and a close examination of the facts determined that while it is not yet possible to begin the public celebration of Mass, we are looking at a target date of May 30/31 – Pentecost Sunday hopefully to resume our celebrations.  Each of us continues to dispense all Catholics from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass and I also dispense from the canonical obligation of Easter Duty.  During his press conference yesterday, Governor DeWine indicated that through increased and widespread testing and other means, much knowledge will emerge to allow for safer conditions for the assemblies of people.  In the meantime we will begin the gradual process in various ways. 

This week many of our priests will begin setting aside dedicated time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation on a wide basis by appointment and in places deemed to provide for safety and hygiene.  These locations will include spaces free of the need to touch surfaces such as doors or furniture, providing appropriate social distancing and privacy and limiting the number of people gathered at any one time to a bare minimum.  The locations and contact numbers for appointments will be posted on our Diocesan Website ( ) beginning Wednesday April 29th so that appointments for confessions may be scheduled, and hearing confessions can  begin Friday May 1st.  We will be working to make it possible in at least some of our churches for people to visit and pray during certain hours in the coming weeks.  Again, care for the continued health and safety of those who visit is paramount.   

  The process of preparing for Mass will encompass many considerations.  We will work to be ensure that the Churches are clean and safe.  We are working to have plans in place to manage seating and movement, allowing for safe social distancing; this may perhaps limit the number of people in the Church or any other spaces at any given time.  We will follow the guidelines for assemblies regarding face-coverings and other protective measures.  It may be necessary to adjust schedules to allow for priests to help each other beyond parish boundaries.  In recent weeks there has been a task force looking at the many opportunities for evangelization here in the diocese.  Their work will turn to provide recommendations on how we as a diocese and as parishes use this time for pastoral and interior preparation. 

Looking ahead with hope and anticipation I ask your prayers.  Looking back, I can only do so with deep gratitude for your continued goodness, your sacrifices, your patience and understanding.  I am convinced that the measures we have taken together with the rest of our community have made a significant difference.  Let’s pray for those who have suffered deeply, especially those who have died and those who mourn.  And let’s never forget the sacrifices and hard work that so many people heroically make for us and our well-being. 

  In the peace of our Risen Lord,

  +Bishop Brennan

Letter from Ohio Bishops - April 28, 2020


Usually when Holy Week rolls around, I have to encourage people not to be so caught up in society that they miss opportunities to think about the Paschal Mystery (the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ). Now there is plenty of time available but who will take the opportunity to think about this Mystery? In the past years the Tenebrae/Penance Service used to bring out a lot of people. I will not demean the Sacrament of Reconciliation by offering “drive-thrus”! That’s an absurdity. Just be aware that Christ, by dying on the Cross, nailed sin to the Cross with Him. “We are Easter people and Alleluia is our song!” So join in the song of praise for Christ and pray for those who are suffering the virus or who will be soon. Remember to pray also for doctors, nurses, first responders and all caregivers too. Father Hummer


Letter from Ohio Bishops - April 2, 2020


From the office: Some have inquired about setting up an online giving account. We are re-publishing directions for Online Giving if you would like to set up an account for yourself. By setting up Online Giving, your financial support for the church can continue while we are not attending Mass.

You’ve probably previously read in the bulletin about Online Giving for our parish. It is a really easy process. If you currently set up accounts online (through a newspaper, retail store, etc.), you will not have a problem setting up your online giving account. So easy! Think about it: You can sit down and assign your weekly offering from the comfort of your own home, any time of the day or night! You can set up a one-time offering, or set up several months of offering, or even the entire year! This way you won’t have to deal with forgetting your offertory envelopes for Mass. Who hasn’t done that once or twice?

Below this article, you will see a green button marked “Give Online.” Click the link and it will take you to the sign-up page of our Online Giving. Click the green button, lower right, marked “Create a New Account.” Follow the prompts to set up your account. Then you are ready to contribute your offertory online. You will see each fund available. You need to select “Recurring” or “One Time” for each offering you enter. You will also see all of the special collections we have throughout the year. You may set up your account to draw your donation direct from your checking or bank account, or use your Master Card, VISA, or Discover Card to pay your offering. We are charged about a 3% fee for the use of credit cards. It would be really helpful if you would give an extra dollar, for your credit card offering, to help offset those fees.



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